Temporary Disability Benefits in Iowa

By on 7-24-2015 in Disability Benefits

An accident is sure to cause a number of consequences that will affect a person’s quality of life. This is particularly true for accidents that lead to serious injury. In cases when a victim comes out of an accident with debilitating injuries, full recovery can be expected to take a significant amount of time. In that period, these victims won’t be able to go through the motions of their routine as they did before. For most, that means having to take time off of their jobs.

As one can imagine, taking time off of work in order to focus on recovery following an accident can be very difficult on an individual and his or her family. This will surely see the victim experiencing some financial hardship because they no longer have access to their primary source of income. Mitigating the consequences that result from accidents is possible through workers’ compensation benefits. In particular, employees in Iowa can look into temporary disability benefits to seek out the financial assistance they need during recuperation.

Iowa’s employment laws categorize temporary disability into two groups. The amount of benefits received by an injured employee will depend on which category they fall. The first, called temporary partial disability, refers to applies to those who are unable to return to their jobs or any similar positions but are able to perform other tasks of a different nature suitable to the victim’s current condition. Meanwhile, temporary total disability is applicable to those who completely incapacitated by their injuries but are expected to make a full recovery and return to their normal work after some time.

For those suffering from partial disability, Des Moines disability benefits payments can begin on the fourth day they’ve missed work. Benefits will continue until either the victim is fit enough to return to their previous work or another position of a similar nature. On the other hand, temporary partial disability benefits are received to supplement the lesser paying position taken by the victim because of their injury. This amounts to 66 and 2/3 of the difference between their regular weekly earnings and the current weekly wage they receive in their temporary position.

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