Dangerous Work Conditions: Construction Site Accidents

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Many work safety advocates cite construction as among the most dangerous private industry sector in America. According to a 2014 report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OHSA, construction site accidents were responsible for 899 of all 4,821 worker fatalities in the private sector. This number accounts for 20.5 percent of all workplace deaths. In other words, one in every five worker deaths reported in 2014 was in the construction industry.

The OHSA identifies falls, electrocutions, getting struck by objects, and being caught inside or in between equipment as the most common construction site accidents in 2014. The federal government agency nicknamed these incidents as construction’s “fatal four,” seeing as these accidents accounted for over half of all the reported deaths in that year. They also estimated that preventing these “fatal four” accidents could save the lives of over 500 construction workers across America each year.

Preventing these “fatal four” incidents and other construction site accidents will depend on the dedication of construction firms and companies. Most of these accidents are easily avoidable as long as these companies are serious about implementing safety regulations and precautions. Employees who fail to act on workplace hazards that could be easily mitigated by following through with basic protocols may be found responsible for the consequences that happen due to construction site accidents.

Fortunately, construction site workers victimized by their employer’s negligence have many legal options available to them. Aside from pursuing a civil lawsuit, injured workers can also enlist the help of a lawyer to file a claim for workers’ compensation. Consult with an experience legal professional to receive instructions and appropriate assistance on how you could be properly compensated for a construction site injury.

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