Age and Motorcycle Accidents

By on 7-02-2016 in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, but statistics also show that they are happening with alarming regularity and more often than ever before, according to William Kherkher. Riding a motorcycle comes with a certain amount of risk that differs from taking a vehicle onto the road. They are smaller and thus provide for less visibility to surrounding cars. There are road hazards that are commonly harmless to cars, but which have the potential to pose a great threat to motorcyclists- debris, uneven road surfaces, small objects, and wet pavement are some. There is also the obvious lack of protection between road and driver that comes with riding a motorcycle; you no longer have a barrier of metal surrounding you as you travel. But another factor that is not often considered is age- older motorcyclists are involved in more than half of motorcycle incidents on the road. NHTSA data show that the average age of motorcyclists killed or injured in accidents is 42, and that 55% involved in crashes are over the age of 40. The steepest rise in accidents and subsequent hospital admittance among age brackets is in the 60+ age group. These findings can be attributed to the fact that older groups are more likely to sustain fractures, dislocations and other injuries, and the fact that as age increases, vision accuracy and reaction time decreases, making cyclists more susceptible to the carelessness of vehicles around them.

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